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It is our constant endeavour to deliver quality and efficiency. Certain aspects of the specifications, features, finishes and the planning can possibly undergo a few changes. We assure you that these changes will be improved refinements.

Landscaped Footpaths and Pavements

    Footpath’s that are not only pleasing on the eye, but also safe to walk on. Beautifully designed keeping in mind aesthetics and convenience. Making your surroundings beautiful and safe.

Christmas Plant

    Beautiful Christmas and palm trees dot the avenues and roads to give your surroundings a much needed green addition, along with bringing in a European feel. They not only beautify your surroundings, but also help in keeping the environment clean.

High Grade Sanitary Lines

    High grade sanitary lines that are built to last and carry out the waste more efficiently so that you don’t have to worry about them anymore. These lines are more durable and are of a much higher quality than the sanitary lines which are used elsewhere.

Large Overhead Tank

    A larger overhead tank, so that you no longer have to worry about water running out. Leave your worries about water at your previous home. At S2 homes, we will take care of it with our dedicated overhead tank.

Entrance Arch

    First impression is the last impression…and we are making sure that your first impression is one that you won’t ever forget. The moment you reach S2 homes, you are greeted by an imposing and beautiful arch which is beautifully designed to make sure your address stands out.

Highrise Guarded Compound Wall

    Your safety is of paramount importance…and we are taking care of it by surrounding your abode with a highrising guard compound wall which will safeguard yours, and your dear ones safety.

Concrete roads

    Build for your safety, concrete roads are as safe as it gets. These roads prevent your tires from skidding and keep your family safe. Also, being more durable, potholes and cracks are rare. Enjoy the rainy seasons without worrying about the roads cracking up.

Rain water harvesting

    Ensuring that you never run out of water supply, we harvest rain water as homage to Mother Nature. This reduces dependence on ground water and makes the community a healthier place.

Sewage treatment plant

    Making the environment a healthier place, we ensure that the waste water never goes untreated. This controls and removes any disease causing agents from the waste waters and makes it re-usable. You deserve a cleaner Earth.


    Internal Plumbing - Concealed plumbing will be medium class CPVC pipes, hot water plumbing will be heavy class pipes. External Plumbing - Waste water pipes and storm water drains will be PVC Pipes.

Concrete rain water storm drains

    Gone are the days when rain water would accumulate on sidewalks and parking lots. The concrete storm drains are designed to drain excess rain water. We ensure cleaner and fresher roads, no matter how bad the weather gets.

Underground Electricity

    Underground electricity, with no wires or poles obstructing your beautiful view of the scenery. There are no visible wires in the whole locality. No more worrying about the electricity wires, come rain, hail or snow.

In the midst of Nature

    The whole locality is enveloped by refreshing greenery and landscapes that will transport you away from the hustle and bustle of city life into the laps of nature. Green surroundings that are a sight for sore eyes which are used to concrete jungles.

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